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Burners, Inc. Technicians have decades of experience in designing special flame effects: from backyard fire pits and tiki torches to special effects in the film industry designed to backyard bbq's and waterscape features

For your next outdoor event, landscape feature, special promotions, celebration, eternal flame or special effect for the next blockbuster movie, Burners, Inc. Technicians can help design and manufacture an amazing flame effect burner to enhance & brighten your next project.

We have decades of experience in combustion technology. It is our goal to provide you with a safe, reliable, fully automated flame management system with spectacular flame effect features.


● Eternal Flames & Monuments

● Backyard Fire Pits & Tiki Torches

● Outdoor Sculptures and Fire

● Pond and Waterscape Features Incorporating Flame Effects

● Special Flame Effects with Fire Bursts

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2014 Arctic Winter Games - Fairbanks, AK
2014 Arctic Winter Games - Fairbanks, AK


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