Automated System Solutions

Hot Gas Generators


Designed For Today’s Rigorous Test Requirements. Manufactured in the U.S.

  • Product Management
  • Engineering & Design
  • Manufacturing & Material Versatility
  • Short Run
  • Quick Turn a Round
  • Competitive Pricing

Special Flame Effects


From Backyard Tiki Torches  to The Olympic Games. Call today to see how Burners, Inc. can assist you with your next flame effect project

  • Eternal Flames & Monuments
  • Backyard Fire Pits & Tiki Torches
  • Outdoor Fire Sculptures
  • Pond & Waterscape Features
  • Special Effects with Fire Bursts

Custom Burner Control Systems


Automatic Ignition & Safety Control Systems

Call 800-878-2876 or email us today

  • Direct Spark Ignition
  • Flame Rectification Monitoring
  • High Temp Wiring & Protective Sleeving
  • Pre-Assm Wiring Harness  Quick Connect
  • Simple Installation
  • Easy Configuration

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