Hot Gas Generators - Test Furnace

The HG-Series of Hot Gas Generators are designed for one specific purpose:

Hot Gas Thermal Testing of Components & Systems

Integration of Design & Technology - designed for today’s rigorous test requirements

The "HG" Series Hot Gas Generators

From the original design of this system in the 1980’s, Burners, Inc. has been meeting the ever-changing requirements of both exhaust and component development & testing and is continuing to meet the new challenges in these industries today.

With a wide array of options and furnace system configurations, we can manufacture a Hot Gas Generator for your specific needs, as well as offer a system with the flexibility to be used in future testing applications.

With energy costs rising daily and the economic challenges facing businesses of all sizes today, it’s more important than ever to consider equipment that will give you the most return on your investment. The Burners, Inc. HG-Series Hot Gas Generators are extremely efficient. All of the fuel energy is used for heat generation with no loss in system support.

Most systems are fully contained within one chassis, however larger systems may require additional devices. A Burners, Inc. Engineering consultant can assist you in choosing and designing the best system for your application.

HG-3000 Hot Gas Generator w/optional custom blower system
HG-3000 Hot Gas Generator w/optional custom blower system


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